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Lessons In Leather

Buying leather Art Deco furniture can be a challenge. Miami Art Deco dealer Ric Emmett answers key questions about how to buy with confidence.

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We cover anything Art Deco, from dealers to destinations. From treasures, to toasters.  So, if you have a story idea,  please share it with us. 

If we use it, we'll be pleased to mention you, or keep you completely anonymous. It's your choice. 

Please include your name, location, and either a phone number or active e-mail address where we can contact you. Your identity is never revealed or shared without your consent. Send your ideas to Sterlilng S. Bader, Editor at: editor@artdeconews.com.

About the toaster above: It's one of the editor's most treasured Art Deco pieces.  It's not the original his family owned, but a near-perfect identical model found at a yard sale! 

It is the most popular vintage toaster of all times, the Sunbeam Model T-9.  It was introduced at the 1939 New York World's Fair. 

It was designed by renowned industrial designer Alfonso Lanneli and has the World's Fair theme logo inscribed to decorate the housing.  It was manufacturered from the late 1930s through 1951 and has become known as the King of the Toasters.


























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Art Deco buildings in Rio
Deco Destinations
Rio de Janeiro is one of the hottest Art Deco destinations in the world, says Deco expert Rex M. Ball, a retired architect and president of the Tulsa Art Deco Society, who has made numerous trips to the South American city.

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