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Lessons In Leather

Buying leather Art Deco furniture can be a challenge. Miami Art Deco dealer Ric Emmett answers key questions about how to buy with confidence.

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An authoritative and beautifully-illustrated selection of jewelry that will appeal to specialists and general readers alike.

Finest Deco Jewelry Between 1910-1937 Featured

Art Deco Jewelry, with 482 illustrations, 392 in color, presents some of the finest specimens produced by the world’s leading designers and makers between 1910 and 1937.

Not only does it feature the most famous names of the Art Deco period, it also restores other notable makers to their proper place in one of the most creative eras for stylish and beautiful jewelry.

A number of the world’s foremost authorities explore the world of Art Deco jewelry in essays on the context of the modern movement; on clients and collectors; on the relationship between jewelry and the fine arts, architecture, and the movies; and on the world of graphic art, commercial design and advertising.

Eighteen designers and houses are featured individually, including Paul Brandt, Suzanne Belperron, Rene Boivin, Louis Cartier, Jean Despres, Jean Fouquet, Gerard Sandoz and Raymond Templier.

Some were the heirs to jewelry dynasties, some were talented newcomers with fresh ideas, but all left their mark on the Art Deco era.

Echoing the revolution that occurred throughout the arts in this period, their jewelry ranged from lavish gem-studded creations worn by Hollywood stars to innovative costume pieces that made creative use of unusual metals and materials.

Thames & Hudson books are distributed by W.W. Norton in the United states and Penguin in Canada. Eslewhere, visit thamesandhudson.com.



Tulsa Art Deco book

New design of this Art Deco gem accommodates the expanded contents and provides a setting for luminous photography.

'Tulsa Art Deco' Even Better Second Time Around

No lover of Tulsa, Oklahoma, of Art Deco, or of architecture will want to be without this book. 

Tulsa Art Deco
is the first new edition of the well-loved original that has been in demand but was out of print for nearly two decades.

But this edition is also an original in its own right.  With the help of 21st-century digital-darkroom technology, the original photos from 1980 have been enhanced, retouched, and color balanced by their photographer, David Halpern, for freshness and vitality.

Almost a dozen of the buildings shown in the 1980 edition have since been demolished, but here they live again, along with evocative historic images and more than a score of new photos shot specifically for this first revised edition.

David Gebhard’s illuminating introduction and Carol Newton Gambino and the Junior League’s exactingly researched text are still intact, but augmented by notes from former Tulsa foundation for Architecture Director and honorary AIA member Elaine Bergman.

A new design by Carol Haralson accommodates the expanded contents and provides a setting for Halpern’s luminous photography.

The book is available online through booksellers or by contacting the Tulsa Foundation For Architecture, 2210-R South Main, Tulsa, OK 74114; by phone at 918-583-5550, or at www.tulsaarchitecture.com.

Photographer David Halpern

Photographer David Halpern put digital technology to work to refresh and enhance his work in the republished edition of Tulsa Art Deco, which traces the current of Art Deco that flows through the city’s built history.

Photographer’s Picture-Perfect Passion

David Halpern, the Tulsa photographer who photographed the original Tulsa Art Deco, a 1979 book published by the city’s Junior League, did the job at the time as a freelancer, but had a stipulation in his contract that if the book was allowed to go out of print, which is what happened, then the rights would revert to Halpern.

He tried unsuccessfully several times over the years to get the Junior League to reprint the book after it went out of print around 1986. Eventually, Halpern was approached by Tulsa philanthropist George Kravis and the Tulsa Foundation For Architecture about republishing.

“I knew that I did not want to do this book myself,” Halpern said in a published report.  “It had to be put into the hands of professionals if it was going to be successful.  And when they told me Carol (Newton Gambino) was going to do it, I was ecstatic.  I could not think of a person better suited to the job.”

According to Halpern, a professional photographer, writer and instructor for more than 25 years, he reworked practically every image in the book, some 200 in all, using the innovations of digital photography, which he had been exploring for several years. 

Though he was proud of the original book, he also knew there were some images that weren’t as good as they could have been.

At first, he figured there were about a half-dozen images that needed some tweaking, but Halpern, who has earned international acclaim for his work as an artist-in-residence with the National Park Service, got carried away. 

Using digital technology, Halpern reworked photographic negatives on the computer and was able to make colors more true to life, and bring out details that were lost in the original printing of the book.

Lee Anne Zeigler, Executive Director of the Tulsa Foundation For Architecture, told Art Deco News.Com that “we’re very proud of Tulsa Art Deco.  For everyone involved, this has been a labor of love and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Art Deco Architecture Boston Ave. Methodist Church

Art Deco Architecture Philcade Building

Boston Avenue Methodist Church exterior details include Circuit Riders, left photo. Richly detailed Art Deco fixture, walls and ceiling in hall of 1929 Philcade Building, right. The Philcade also adorns the book’s jacket, page one, title page and copyright page.

Art Deco Book Guide

Book Helps You Become Art Deco Expert

Instant Expert: Collecting Art Deco, by Tony Fusco, provides a broad-based understanding of the exciting and vibrant Art Deco period. Identifying hot collectibles – from Lalique and Tiffany glass to Bakelite jewelry, – the guide is a user-friendly introduction to collecting.

Collecting Art Deco by Tony Fusco

Comprehensive, inexpensive, and compact, the book explains the history, market trends and pricing of Art Deco collectibles, as well as what’s popular and what’s available.

It is divided into easy-to-use chapters, with helpful sections on recognizing Art Deco, understanding today's market, identifying fakes, and understanding a collectible's value.

There are chapters that focus on furnishings, sculpture, glass, prints, industrial design, metalware, prints, graphics and decorative art. 

There are interesting black and white photos throughout the book. In the back, there are helpful resources such as a directory of Art Deco dealers, Art Deco societies, a bibliography, and the Instant Expert Quiz, which tests how much you have learned from the book.
It’s a must for Art Deco collectors at any level.

About the author: Tony Fusco is founder of the Art Deco Society of Boston and was Facilitator of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies from 1992 to 1999.  He is also the author of The Official Identification & Price Guide to Art Deco.

To purchase the book, visit www.houseofcollectibles.com or independent booksellers.

























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