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Lessons In Leather

Buying leather Art Deco furniture can be a challenge. Miami Art Deco dealer Ric Emmett answers key questions about how to buy with confidence.

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What We're All About . . .

Art Deco News.Com offers Art Deco lovers everywhere their own online newspaper, a one-stop forum for news, issues, events, products and destinations. We cover anything pertaining to Art Deco in a lively, easy-to-read format of news, features and quick-reads.

Bader is Editor & Publisher

Our mandate is to inform, educate, inspire, excite, motivate and fascinate devotees of what we believe is the planet’s sleekest, sexiest design. Art Deco, in its various interpretations, is everywhere in architecture, art, industrial design, fashion, furnishings, textiles, transportation, toasters, jewelry, film and stage and more!

The purpose of this Sneak Preview edition is to encourage your feedback and participation. If you like it, we invite your involvement at the level of your comfort.

You have the chance to tell us what stories you’d like us to do and what topics interest you.

As Art Deco News.Com grows and becomes more familiar, Art Deco societies and related groups worldwide will be invited to link with us to round out our news gathering efforts.

If you are involved in an Art Deco society or related group anywhere in the world, send us your link and 50 words about your group so that we can help spread your news, further your causes, help grow interest in your group, and drive visitors to your web site.

When you send us your information and include a link on your web site to ours, www.artdeconews.com, we will add your organization to our directory and provide a link free of charge. We will include your activities, dates, times and places.

When you send us an e-mail list of your members, we will offer them our free Deco newsletter that can include your news and alert them to new information on your web site.

If you are a dealer in Art Deco products and services, send us a 50-word description about your business or services.

Free of charge, we will include your contact and web site information in our online directory. Not only will we promote you to site visitors, we will also provide editorial opportunities for you to share your expert knowledge and advice with our site visitors in the feature called Ask The Dealer, which begins on the home page.

We welcome your advertising support. For more information on advertising, e-mail your name, business name, address and phone number to: adinfo@artdeconews.com.

And if you or someone you know would liked to discuss becoming a contributing writer, write to: editor@artdeconews.com, and be sure to include your name and contact information.

No matter what your particular passion is in Art Deco, this is your online newspaper and we invite you to get involved.

The success of our mission depends, in part, on the efforts of Art Deco groups and individuals to network, contribute, and share information.

Please revisit us often as we continue to build and refine your one-stop forum for news, issues, events, products and destinations.

Art Deco News.Com is published by Badermedia of Florida. Seasoned, award-winning journalist Sterling S. Bader, an Art Deco devotee, serves as Editor and Publisher. During more than three decades in both newspaper and magazine publishing, Bader has been the editor of titles covering furniture/decorative accessories; textiles/apparel; and home improvement/building materials, among others.


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Editorial content on this web site consists of news, advice and opinion, and may not be complete or current, though we always strive for accuracy. Advice offered by contributing writers represents the opinion of the authors and is not an endorsement by Art Deco News. Com or its publisher, Badermedia of Florida. Publication of news, advice and opinion is not intended to establish a business/client relationship.

This site may contain links or references to other parties and their web sites. We cannot control the contents of those other sites, and make no warranty or representation about the accuracy of any information displayed at those sites. Links to other web sites are not an endorsement of the parties, products or services represented on those sites.






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